Monday, October 3, 2011

Dressing Up

Bookweek Parade

I know some people love to get creative and crafty when it is time to dress up. But the invitation of 'fancy dress' gives me shivers down my back (not happy ones). Its not something I am great at.
So imagine my delight after a long and tiring day when Hayden reminds me, 'Mum what is my costume for bookweek parade, tomorrow?'

I was so in luck, as Mark and Josh came to my rescue. Josh went to our old dress up box and found an old Harry Potter cloak, so Mark went in search of some glasses. Not finding any he made a great pair out of an old coat hanger! Amazing. Hayden was so thrilled and he doesn't even watch Harry Potter!

We put him to bed in his pj's for bedtime but when we went and checked on him later he was back in his Harry Potter costume, curled up asleep. So cute!

There is such an atmosphere of excitement when you go to school and all the children are not in their uniforms but their special costumes. Its so funny as every year you see most of the girls as some form of princess's and most of the boys as some type of superhero. There is several batmen every year.

Here is Hayden's class here walking to the school gym for parade. Can you spot Hayden?

This is Hayden's friend Joel as Bart Simpson.

I love this teacher dressed as Where's Wally. Some people have great ideas ( I will have to try and remember and copy that one next time ;D ).

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