Friday, October 14, 2011

Boiled Eggs To The Rescue!

I don't like cooking dinner.

It's a burden to me. I didn't always feel this way, I used to enjoy and liked to try new things and look forward to eating it! But now I am on a diet and have to be healthy. Not to mention: its just so stressful trying to keep six people happy at meal time! I could slave over a really special dinner for a couple of hours, then have children cry when they see it and tell me they hate it! Then another night in desperation I will declare cereal for dinner- my children cheer for joy!

I know this is what most Mums face. I loved hearing the story from Marjorie Hinckley who said that one night she reheated a casserole and presented it to dinner, only to have her son ask, 'why have you cooked up the garbage?' She says, 'and he was old enough to know better!' Its good to hear of other people suffering.

The first few years of my marriage I made a big effort for dinner. Meaning we often had dinner AND dessert. Then I heard a Mum of six kids, who I thought was a Super Mum say, 'I think if the kids get boiled eggs for dinner then they have had a good meal!' I was shocked! It revolutionised my world. I had never thought to do something so simple.

A while ago I found out what my friends 'white stirfry' was that she regularly serves for dinner. Can you guess? Its porridge! Isn't that fantastic!

Now we have boiled eggs for dinner, in fact that is what we are having tonight. And you know what? Nobody complains! We might even be fancy and have some salad with it. You know, the green stuff the kids decorate their plate with?! :)

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