Monday, October 10, 2011

Yamba Holiday's
 Day Three

The weather is so unsettled. More than anything I have seen before it's raining, it’s windy, then the sun comes up and dries you off, then it starts raining again! The boys were not deterred and were down at our little beach building sandcastles and damming the water and fishing in the rain. I am amazed to see Hayden, who never has been one to get his hands dirty just loving building sandcastles. But it is quite  miserable day today cold and very windy.

We went into Yamba to have a look around and so a little shopping. It's kind of crazy taking Mark and 4 boys shopping, but it's not always fun going by yourself. We made it to a gift shop and the newsagent before it was time to have a break and go to the bakery. Where we had a morning tea of custard tart, apple pie and cream and caramel tart. I didn't buy nothing myself as I am trying to keep to my diet. But after I had a little taste of everyone's I may as well of.

Then we found a second hand op shop that was just packed with people. With the clothes where only $2 each. Because Ben had gone through all 5 T-shirts in a day and a half (!) we brought him a couple of t-shirts and a jumper for Hayden as it was colder than we expected. We then found this old 50's style lolly shop/ cafe that was really cute.

Hayden is pleased with this lollipop.

Ben and Seth have brought a bag of treats.
After such a vigorous shopping expedition Mark suggested checking out the movies. Yamba has a one roomed cinema and would you believe it the Smurf movie was playing in 10 minutes (and it was only showing once that day) and the tickets were only $7 each! A bargain! So Mark brought some tickets and we all hustled I inside. Except it wasn't the Smurf movie but 'The Zookeeper'! We stayed and watched anyway as we didn't have anything much better to do with the rain.

Chilling out after a very short shopping trip! :)

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