Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toowoomba Flower Festival

I have always wanted to go to the Toowomba Flower Festival which is held each spring. But as it is scheduled in the school holidays each year it doesn't really work out.

However this year I was passing through, just at the right time. So I caught up with my old friend Rochelle Catalini and her boys and we headed out to Queens Park. It was a brave move with 5 boys between us (I had one with Nan) and we only managed a quick stroll thorugh the flowers as my boys wrestled and chased one another. But it was so nice to see! I really love flowers. It was great to catch up with Rochelle and see her kids too.

Rochelle, Hyrum and me...

How beatuiful are these tulips!

More beautiful tulips...

Rochelle taking photo of beautiful tulips...

Lots of older people looking at flowers, note: not many other Mums braved the gardens with their kids.

I like this flower bed of all differnt types of flowers.

I think these are delphiniums...

Rochelle and Hyrum. He was so well behaved!

These two little cuties, Hayden and Liam, were still for the camera for a minute.

My boys about to wrestle (luckily they didn't fall into the flower bed)...

Seth with his robot dance moves... (do my kids seem a little hypo to you?)

My boys happy at last, up a tree! Can you see them? Poor Hyrum and Liam are not quite tall enough to get up yet.

Anyway it a slightly stressful but fun time. Hopefully one day I can do it, minus children, and really have a good look. But it was still fun. Thanks Rochelle for putting up with us!

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  1. we had a sneak peak before it opened and it wasbeautiful! Great photos