Monday, October 3, 2011

The Family Wrestle

It was after dinner on holidays and the boys still seemed to have lots of pent up energy, so I suggested a wrestle.

Having a kid and Dad wrestle was a favourite activity for me and my siblings when were growing up. It started when we were small and the aim was to have our Dad pin all of us down before we could get away. Of course any underhanded activity such as ganging up on Dad, pulling each other from his grasp and tickling was allowed. It normally ended in somewhat getting hurt, so the rule was, 'when somebody cries the wrestle stops.' Of course this meant lots of swallowing of tears and insisting that we weren't crying, as we tried to stop the flow. (Of course sometimes it also meant time out for some child that got a little to carried away).

Mark wasn't that keen on my idea. I mean, have you seen my two oldest? They are really tall these days. Ben is taller then me and they are both really strong. So we had to modify the idea so that it wasn't all the kids at once.

Hayden was a little scared to join in, being the smallest. So he just jumped off the furniture. You can see him above.


Anyway you can see they had a fun time and the next night they were calling for another one... Well the kids were. :D

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