Saturday, July 30, 2011

Strawberry Picking

One of our favourite family traditions!

Every year for the about the last 5 years we have gone up the Sunshine Coast to go strawberry picking. We just love it!

Hayden has already picked a few, and eaten a few more....

Sweet, red and ready for picking!

My goodness does this kid love to eat strawberries. It would probably be fair to weigh him before and after strawberry picking. It is hard to hold him back!

Ahh... Isn't this a nice big one!

Mark and I fooling around.

Mark quality checking all the berries before we buy them. What does he do to the ones that aren't so good? Eats them of course!

A great stash!

My goodness do I look short next to this 14 year old boy!


The boys will soon be as tall as Mark. I just wish they would stop growing for a bit!

We then head over to Caloundra and have fish and chips for dinner. Followed by strawberries dipped in chocolate. Yum....

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  1. looks such fun amy, can't wait until we get to go one year!