Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amy Outnumbered: Sick or Faking It?

Is the kid really sick?
That is a million dollar question!

Today a friend was telling me her son was wanted to stay home because he was sick. But she didn't believe him, so she made go anyway and he then the poor kids vomited! This happens to me on a regular basis.

Last year Hayden told me one morning that he felt unwell. But since he said that nearly everyday, I made him go to school. At 11 o'clock I get a phone call from the school he has vomited. I felt terrible!!!!!!! He was mortified when I picked him up (he gets so easily embarrassed).When I was driving him home I stupidly told him, "I am so sorry, you should of told me you were sick!' To which of course he replied "I did tell you Mum, you didn't listen to me.' To which I lamely replied, ''Well next time tell me you are really, really sick."

My 14 year old had some late nights on the weekend and then wanted to stay home from school on the Monday. He really did look dreadful, but I did think to myself, 'I am not going to shield you from the consequences of your choice to stay up late, you can go to school!' So I made him go. Unfortunately he just got worse and then had to have the next 3 days off, so another poor choice by me.

Yet other days you will keep them home and they will feel miraculously better once you have dropped everyone off at school. Sometimes as a Mum you just can't win! My only solution for this, since I don't believe my ability to make perfect decision is ever going to happen, is to acknowledge that you are a person who tries hard but make mistakes. And be really good at apologising and buy them some extra lemonade!

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