Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dubbo's Open Plains Zoo: Part Two

These monkeys (or apes?) live on the little island here. They gave a great display of strength and noise, apparently to tell us 'this was there territory'.


 You can see the ear just below the mouth of the female. It helped make a lot of noise.

 Here are some Bison!! I've never seen Bison before, not even when I went to the US.

Here is one if the Safari golf buggies you could hire to drive around in. They looked pretty fun! Though not when it was raining.

 Mark and Ben entering the Australian animal exhibit.

 An awake koala!

 A little echidna ...

 Another koala.

Hayden couldn't wait to see the big tortoises. They are from the Galapagos's Island.

 An even bigger tortoise...

 The meerkat feeding and information talk.

 Here we are with the last African elephant left in Australia. They had 3 elephants here, I think they were all handed in from circuses. Here she is waving her trunk to say hello.

 The boys playing on some elephant statues.

The boys tired after a big day.

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