Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dubbo's Open Plains Zoo; Feeding The Giraffe!

We got to feed the giraffe at Dubbo!
For an extra $5 per person you can get up close and feed a giraffe from a special platform. It was heaps of fun. Hayden wasn't very impressed with the idea though and choose the option of looking from afar.

You get a really great view of them.


This is the great little platform to feed the giraffe on. It helps them to not have to lean down so much.

We all fed the giraffes some carrots. Apparently its 'like chocolate' to them. They all seemed pretty keen for some.
Nice smile from Seth. Its a pity you can't see the giraffe's long blue tongues. They were pretty cool.


Josh loves an encounter with any type of animal.
This is a funny picture of a giraffe. I thought they were a lot like feeding a horse. Enthusiastic but pretty gentle.

Ben having a turn.


Me with my wild African hairstyle.


I asked Hayden 'Do you want to feed the giraffe?'...
That would be a no!

Much more comfortable with this type of giraffe.

The bigger boys have a go.

It was fun feeding the giraffes and getting to watch them eating and moving around. Right at the back you could see the night yard with some giraffes in it. One was a mother with its one week old baby, which we didn't get to see. Apparently its mother was too nervous to bring it out. Such a pity it would of been so adorable!

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