Monday, April 25, 2011

Eight boys!

The problem with having an all boy family is when they have friends over you get an ever bigger mob of boys to look after!
The way the Easter holidays worked out this year, because we were going down South for the week, there ended up being only one day the boys would be able to have a friend over. So I told each of the boys to invite a friend over. When I woke that morning, I thought to myself, 'Eight boys Amy what have you done!' But it ended up working out pretty well. I just made sure I had lots of food and they all just played happily with each of their friends.

Ben and Lachlan on the laptop.


Hayden was so pleased Ishir could come to play. They are just about to get out the train tracks.

Josh and his friend Sebastian, they played gameboy for most of the day.

Seth and Nicholas got on their bikes, packed a lunch and went exploring.

Eight boys seemed to be easier then four boys! I even managed to get a bit done around the house. :D

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