Monday, April 25, 2011

I finally graduated!!!

I finally graduated!!!!!!
It took me 17 years but I finally got there. I started a BA in teaching when I left high school but stopped after about 3 years. Then tried to finish it off but having 4 boys made it a bit of a challenge. Because I took so long of course I kept loosing subjects. When I changed from Griffith to UNE I lost a few subjects too. In the end I dropped it back to a BA in Arts as it was quicker. But I finally got there!

Here I am feeling so specail in my graduation gown.

It was an outside graduation! It was a warm day so lots of water bottles and sunblock was on hand.

Mum and me.

Mum and Dad drove for about 10 hours to attend the big day. Thank you!

The long walk up. Worrying if they would say my name at this point.....

The ceremony got a little boring for my supporters...

Receiving my award from the chancellor. He was really nice.

Proof! I finally have this piece of paper!

Feeling happy all done!

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