Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dubbo Open Plains Zoo: Part One

One of our favourite things to watch on TV as a family is animal shows. Animal Planet, Shamwari Wildlife Rescue we love them all! So one thing we have had on our list of things to do as a family is visit the Open Plains zoo in Dubbo, NSW. Its the closest thing I think our family will get to going on a safari! It was about a 10 hour drive but we split it over 2 days and it wasn't so bad. We were real excited when we got there!

The first thing we got to see when we arrived were the rhinos. You can see a mother and baby black rhino. The keeper gave us a great chat on what they were like at the zoo and in the wild.

Yum nothing like a pine branch to eat!


The ostriches were next. After watching them a while a rabbit popped out and gave the ostriches a fright. Boy can they run!

There hippos were my favourite!!!! Before they got fed all we could see was an ear or the very top of their head. When they came out you can see how massive they were!

Hippos eating some hay... ( I missed the photo where the keepers squirt their heads with the hose which they loved.)

Its a bit hard to see but here the keeper has trained the hippo to allow it to file one of its tusks its having trouble with. Dangerous job! But you can see how the top lip is over one part of the fence so it can't chomp down on the keepers hand.

More hay for being a good little hippo. :) It was raining as we were watching this, we were getting dripping wet but it was too good to miss.
At one of the exhibits we noticed a very bold mouse scampering around. Its just a blur here, can you make it out?

Mark and the boys relaxing for a bit.

The lions were just lying around looking pretty bored until a keeper started cleaning a nearby area.

This is Josh at his new favouritist animal of all time- the otter. I was a bit surprised at his choice and wondered what appealed to him so much.

After watching the otters I could work out why he loved them so much- they never stop moving!!! (Just like Josh!) I tried taking a few pictures of them but they were so quick they always moved out of the shot.

Anyway stay tuned I have some more blogs on the zoo coming soon!

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