Friday, February 18, 2011

Why do males not like to shop?

What is it with males and shopping? One very sad thing about an all boy family is the lack of appreciation for shopping. Even though lots of shopping is required to feed everyone and keep people clothed, nobody from the family is keen to be involved. Although my second son will come to help me do the groceries- provided he gets a treat, which I always appreciate. My two youngest refuse to leave the house if there is even the slight mention of shopping. My husband and I decided it was best not to ever go shopping together to save our marriage. After about 1o minutes in the shopping centre his mood becomes grumpier and grumpier. I noticed the same thing happened with my brother when I went shopping with him one time. On the few times Mark and I have gone to the supermarket I always laugh as he tries to talk me about of buying things, like milk and bread!

My husband was recently talking about going on a skiing holiday to New Zealand and spending 5 days skiing at the ski resort. When I suggested that it would be also fun to look around the town at some museums and do some shopping he looked at me in surprise and said 'what could you possibly want to shop for?'

Have you ever been shopping in the United States? Well I think it is fantastic, it has so much more variety then here in Australia and some things are quite cheaper too. Well two years ago when we took our family to the States and I was so excited about going shopping there for the first time. My hubbie and I took the kids to WalMart to have a look around and buy a few things. After that I suggested we go to another shop to which my husband said ' all you want to do is shop all day!' Like that was the most horrible idea in the whole world :). So we went we went to a park instead. However I made up for it the next trip, when I was visiting my sister and my husband was back in Australia. I shopped in the mall all day and brought so much stuff I almost couldn't carry it home! Fun times!

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