Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just a Mother

I am so grateful that I can be at home with my boys and not have to go into the workforce. It is something that both my husband and I have always valued and worked towards. Life is so busy trying to keep on top of things with the house, shopping, washing, homework, school commitments, work, church and family commitments, trying to stay fit and go the gym, I don't know how we would manage if I did work. Well I can imagine, life would be stressful and pretty chaotic!

I don't like the term 'stay-at-home Mother'. It sounds like all we are doing is sitting in front of the TV watching soapies. Where as most of us are up at the school, at the shops, cleaning, looking after children and other family members, exercising, creating, organising, supporting.

However so many people dismiss you as having no intellect or skills because you are at home. You almost feel like you are bring lazy or a drain on your husband if your are not bringing in income. But being at home with the kids can also save their family a lot of money, not having childcare fees, being able to shop for specials more and have more time to do things which save money. Like cooking the meal instead of eating out for example.

Anyway all this is brought on by something happened at the school this morning. When I was helping out change the books for my sons year one class. I had my readers all ready to scan and then a teacher aide pushed in front of me. Saying she needed the computer now as she was a teacher aide and being paid and I was 'just a Mother' and I had more time on my hands. She then went on to criticise on how some Mothers, couldn't put the readers away properly and didn't know what they were doing.

'Just a Mother' hey. I felt at the time that I needed to be a teacher aide or teacher feel like a legitimate person, to be intelligent enough to do a simple take like change some readers over! Why do people put Mothers down? Why do we get treated like we are so stupid. Little did this lady realise that I had a really busy day, with appointments and a long list of things to do. That as a volunteer I should be more valued that I can do the same work for free!

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  1. Great thoughts Amy! You are more than just a mother and I Iove that YOU know that. Naomi x