Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blah! My kids are sick!

I love to look after and fuss over my kids when they are sick. I am so glad I can be home to look after them. But mate, it wears me out! Getting up through the night, extra hugs and cuddles, washing sheets, giving medicine, organising different food for them makes you extra busy. Unfortunately I don't hide this too well. When I was asking my son this morning if he was too sick to go to school he said, 'But if I stay home Mum you will have a bad day.' Poor guys, look like I don't do a great job at hiding my stress. :)

Trying to understand child behaviour when a child is sick is tricky too. For instance today, I was working on my computer and the two youngest, who were home sick, were going extra crazy. Teasing each other running through the house and slamming doors. I thought 'might be a good time for a little trip to the chemist'. Get us out of the house for a bit, buy something nice for us for lunch. Anyway we get there and I start talking to the pharmacy assistant about what medicine I needed. Anyway she looks at my 6 year old and comments 'poor thing, he is so white, like Casper the ghost.' Soon after he makes choking nosies, goes green and starts to vomit all over the floor! The chemist was quite busy at that moment and all the customers were shooting me dirty looks, like how irresponsible I was to bring such a sick child out. My 10 year old was so embarrassed he suddenly disappeared behind some shelving. The pharmacy assistant was so helpful though and even insisted on cleaning it up herself, poor thing. We finally paid for our items and escaped home. My poor little one went straight to bed, pulled the blankets over his head and went straight to sleep.

Sometimes you can't win as a Mother. When my youngest was younger he would get tonsillitis, ear infection and bronchitis all together and lie around the house sick and tired. Yet when we got to the doctors he would run around as happy as could be. I would take him into the doctor and tell him what was wrong and the doctor would look at my son and say, 'well he looks happy enough.' But when he had a look he would see he had an infection. Then of course my little one would be tired and lying around again as soon as we got home. I almost feel like saying to my kids sometimes, 'if I take you to the doctors, ACT SICK!'.

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