Friday, February 18, 2011

An All Boy Family

Having all boys wasn't my initial plan in life. I was hoping my first child would be a girl. When I was pregnant for my fourth time, I was sure it was a girl and even brought girl clothes. So much for a mothers intuition. At the ultrasound I was told it would be another boy and I do admit I had a little cry. (When I apologised to the ultrasound lady, she told me 'that was nothing, you should of seen the man who came in with his wife and found out she was having his 6th daughter, I've never seen a man cry so much!' Apparently he was a tradie of some sort and wanted to pass his business down a son.) Anyway, needless to say, my fourth son has been such a joy, I wouldn't swap him for anything.

There are some challenges having an all boy family. There is the outnumbered factor. For example we do a lot of sport here and watch a lot of action movies, but do very little cultural activities or watch 'chick flicks' or crafts or anything. There is mutual disinterest in shopping, sadly.

Not having a sister around to remind brothers about using deodorant or wearing matching clothes means the sole responsibility of this falls on the Mother. Although this can be stressful at times I think if there Mothers doesn't help them, no one else could. One child was going through a particularly rough patch, where he was even coming out of the shower smelly as he wouldn't use soap! I regularly pick up a friends daughter the same age as my son. She gets in the car perfectly groomed and smelling of perfume. How come girls get the hygiene thing? *sigh*

Of course there are lots of joys having boys. We have heaps of fun swimming, cooking, eating, having movie nights, bowling, going to the parks and all sorts of things. There antics are always good for a laugh. They always try to be kind to there Mum.

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