Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island

The last time I came to Seal Bay, I have a vague memory of walking over a huge sand dune, then seeing some seals on the beach. These days it is much more fancy. Look at this huge boardwalk down to the seal area!

My boys saw this as a great opportunity to have a race.


Look at these cool bones, they look like a type of dinosaur's! They are of of young humpback whale that caught on the beach.

Kangaroo Island had three types of seal on the island. Australian sea lions, Australian fur seals and New Zealand fur seals. The sea lions prefer the sandy back where as the fur seals like rocks (pictures of the fur seals coming soon).


How cute are these little sea lions! They stayed together the whole time we were down.

How cute is this photo of a Mother and baby.

Here you can seethe beach with a whole lot of seals. It took a while for us to work out which were the makes and which were the females.

Here is a seal coming out of the water.

It was such a lovely place to visit.So beautiful.


Here is just a random picture of the clouds, they were like little cotton balls that day! :)


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