Thursday, March 24, 2011

The passionfruit vine and the postman.

We have a beautiful passion fruit vine over our front fence. The passion fruit are riping and we have had about 80 passion fruit off it already. They are nice and sweet too!

Anyway right near are postbox are a few ripening passion fruit hanging, making it a little difficult to get to the postbox. They have been like that for weeks.

Earlier this week when I collected my mail, I noticed someone had written on one of the letters. It was in fact from the postman! He wrote:
You do realise of course that when the passion fruit get ripe I'm going to have to eat them all to get at your letterbox- Postie.

I thought it was hilarious and I wrote a little note the next day, telling him to help himself.

It is nice to be asked. Last year we pulled into our driveway and saw a boy at our vine, with a bag about to help himself. He had obviously been under the instruction of his parent- who was looking on from his driveway a few doors down !

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